Learn How To "CREATE" The Meaningful, 
Deeply Connected Relationship You Desire. 
This training will guide you through Implementing "The SOUL-MATE Attraction Formula" and have you Ready for Love.
  • Learn How To Create Space For The Right Relationship To Show Up
  • Reveal And Transform Your Hidden Love Fears That Block You From Finding True Love
  • Get Clarity On Your Soul’s Frequency So You Can Attract Your Soul-Mate Who’s Vibration Matches Yours
Have you spent time, energy and money looking for “Mr Right” but never seem to find him?
You wind up thinking you’re not finding the ‘Perfect Partner’ because you somehow need to be; More Outgoing , A Bit Thinner, A Bit Funnier, Even Smarter, A Bit Prettier - A More "Perfect" YOU!
Girlfriend, This Is NOT The Truth, And You Know It!

It’s Time to Quit the “Perfection Quest!”
Did You Know You Can ... 
  • Attract men who irresistibly resonate with and strongly appreciate you (as you are)
  • Use your Intuition to effortlessly navigate and connect with an ideal partner? 
  • Enjoy absolute authentic connection with a soul mate that… DEEPLY STIRS YOU! 
Are You Weighed Down By Feelings And Past Hurts?
Does your head and heart feel like a scrambled mix of emotions and fear-filled notions?

This disturbing Thought-Cycle is triggered by deeply rooted damaging thought-patterns.

In other words, to attract the right person - you need to start by doing some ‘excavation work!’

TRUTH: Mining your mind and breaking through those negative thought-patterns makes way for GEMSTONES-of-Attraction! (become magnetic)
Vineeta Jakhar
"Within Just 7 Days I Met My Boyfriend"
Before working with Sarah, I had this idea in my head that I will need to have a great career, perfect body and everything else before someone could love me. 

Within just 7 days of working with Sarah - I met the guy who is now my boyfriend. I am now experiencing immense joy and gratitude. I am in awe of how quickly I experienced a change. 

5 months later, we are finding more and more reasons to be happy and we enjoy each other’s company - just when one would think the romance would start to fade. When I met him I didn’t even have a job and I wasn’t in “perfect” shape, but he still liked me and now he loves me. 

I never in my life would have thought this could happen – to me.
Lauren Smith
"Within just 6 weeks of working with Sarah, I was in a meaningful relationship for the first time in years."
Before I met Sarah I was so busy and in denial of my emotions that I was literally watching life pass me by but simply didn't know what I was doing wrong. 

However, within just 6 weeks of working with Sarah, I was in a meaningful relationship for the first time in years. 

I now know that I am good enough, I can have a great relationship, an awesome job and good health. The increase in my self awareness, my actions and my feelings is quite profound. I feel so clear and know what will really make me happy. Physically my body has also changed. 

My body image issues have gone and I’ve lost 4 kilos without really trying!
Your Love-Frequency Level (80-90%)
True-Resonance With Your Hidden Self (The CORE You)
 Your Inner Light (Your Extraordinary Essence)
Soul-Mate Seduction
NOT – Superficial Distraction
Angelique Kumar
"Working with Sarah truly changed my life!"
Before I met Sarah I had just come out of a long-term relationship where I had lost myself. Negativity and sadness were every day occurrences in my mind. I had been reading books, watching videos and listening to podcasts about personal development for at least 6 months prior to working with Sarah. This knowledge was good, but did not have a huge life-changing impact. 

Engaging with Sarah to guide me through this journey helped me uncover my deepest self- limiting belief - which I never realised was actually impacting all areas of my life. I made mental transformations with her that were not possible for me by just reading, watching or listening to other people. We tackled the root cause not just the symptoms which is what I was doing previously. 

My friends and family have noticed that I am happier, calmer and more at peace with myself. I have better relationships with them because now I know what it takes to form deep connections. I’m more accepting of people, as I am more accepting of myself. 

Working with Sarah truly changed my life.
Anna Cristella
"my relationship has made a complete turn around. I couldn't ask for more!"
Before working with Sarah, I was at a crossroads in my life. My relationship was okay but the arguments were constantly there. I was pushing away my true personality and trying to be somebody else which made me very unhappy. 

Today I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Sarah helped me find myself again and truly believe in all the beautiful things I have to offer. I wouldn’t have been able to understand the missing link without her. She helped me release my past beliefs which allowed me to write my own story. 

Plus my relationship has made a complete turn around. I couldn't ask for more!  We have found ourselves again and rely on each other like a team. I am forever grateful to Sarah and would highly recommend anyone who is ready to turn their lives around to register for one of Sarah's courses.
"It’s happened for me – It's happened for my clients – It can happen for you as well"
Let Me Tell You a Bit About..
Silencing The Self-Sabotage Cycle
Your subconscious assigns meaning to events in your life:
  • Thoughts create feelings
  • Feelings create words
  • Words create actions
  • Actions create OUTCOMES
You Need To ...
  • Rewire your “Head-Mind” so you FEEL Transformation in your “Heart-Mind.”
  • This = “The Art of Inner Knowing” and leads to… “INTENTION” (= Effortless Action)…
  • Which = Focused On What You DO Want -- (i.e. Self-Sabotage NO MORE!) 
Loviner Lee
"Within a week of working with Sarah, I met Someone"
Before I met Sarah, I used to meet guys through internet dating but not get past the first date. Even though I hated the process and engaged in conversation with people I didn’t resonate with, that felt like the only way of meeting a guy at all. 

Working with Sarah, I gained so much clarity about myself and understood the reason those dates never went beyond a first glance. I realised that I needed to fill myself with love in order to receive love and Sarah taught me how to do this. I learned to be kinder to myself and how to live in the moment, without engaging in futurizing stories in my mind. 

Within a week of working with Sarah, I met someone. He is completely different to all other guys I had ever dated. It’s 6 months in and we are talking about buying a house together! 
Alexandra Marks
"I don’t Have the negative self-talk or negative stories running through my head like they used to."
Sarah is honest, caring and so passionate about helping women and bringing positivity into the world. Before I met Sarah I was miserable, unhappy with myself, full of self-doubt, negative and finding the bad in everything. I didn’t have the knowledge, tools or the belief that I could change my life. 

But with Sarah’s teachings I have started to let it all go and the progress I have made in just one month has been life-changing! I’m beyond ecstatic and feel like my old self again! Sarah has a University degree in how women think. She really understands why we do and say the things we do. I can completely and honestly say with all of my heart that Sarah has changed my life. 

I don’t have the negative self-talk or negative stories running through my head like they used to. Sarah helped me to pinpoint what was holding me back and taught me how to let it go. My friends and family have commented on the positive change they’ve seen in me and I feel like I’m now living the life that I am meant to live.
You Should Do This Training Just For The "Silencing The Self-Sabotage Cycle".
But Remember I’ll Also Be Showing You..
The 7 Step Soul-Mate Attraction Formula
Step 1: Create ME-Space = The Capacity Generator 
Learn how to allow new people, things and experiences to come into your life immediately. Without enough space Mentally, Emotionally and Physically we are literally sending a subconscious signal to the Universe saying ‘I’m Too Full Right Now’. This blocks you from meeting the right kind of Partner.

You'll learn: Why you need Space FIRST for someone to fill it, How to Recognise when your Mind is too full AND How to Create Capacity in your Emotional tank

Step 2: The Pure-Perspective Theory = The Real-You-Revelation 
This is where you Get – Optimal Self-Awareness 
Here you will get crystal clear clarity about your ‘True Self’. Knowing your true self allows you to uncover your deepest desires in a relationship. Without this level of awareness, you simply fall into undesirable relationships with men who never seem able to meet all your needs.  

You’ll learn: What your DNA values are and why they’re crucial for compatibility, How to choose a Partner who is 100% congruent with your heart, mind and soul, How your secret ambivalence is sabotaging your happiness AND Why resonating with your ‘Core Hidden Self’ changes everything .
Step 3: Discover – “LOVE FREQUENCIES”
(#1 Relationships - Resonance Indicator)
The frequency you’re on right now (the level at which you’re resonating with YOUR Soul’s frequency) is attracting the types of partners you’ve been getting. 
We’re like magnets. What we put out is what we get back. So without adjusting your frequency, you’ll continue to go on the merry go round to ‘same same.’ 

Learn how to: Tune your energetic vibration to be aligned with your Soul-Mate, How to identify your key relationship ‘patterns’, Why your ‘List’ is unreasonable and is stopping you from pursuing the right relationship AND How you’re secretly stopping yourself from truly resonating with the Right Man.
Step 4: Follow Your LOVE COMPASS = Head-Mind vs Heart-Mind - Veer Off-Course – NO MORE!!!
Did you know that you have an internal compass that is quietly navigating to your outcomes? And when it’s even just a few degrees off, you can wind up off the beaten track. Adjusting your compass means you’ll be where you intended (in the RIGHT relationship) and NOT someplace else wondering how the hell you got there. 

Learn how to: Hear your intuition and actually follow it, Align your head and heart mind for the right direction, Why the wrong ‘inputs’ for your compass are sabotaging you and how you’re unknowingly using ‘gap fillers’ to replace your missing relationship.
Step 5: Tame The Elephant Within = Self-Sabotage - BYE-BYE!
Discover how to manage your thoughts successfully as continuing to have the same ones about why you’re still single, how all the good ones are taken, how it must be about how you look...will only see you staying stuck and sabotaging a good relationship.

Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and those actions change your life.

Learn how to: Manifest exactly what you want with your thoughts, How your ‘subconscious beliefs’ are mirroring your outcomes, Why the place in which you enter a relationship will predetermine the outcome AND How to identify and overcome self sabotaging behaviours.

Step 6: Overcome Love Fears - Embrace – YOU:
“I-Am-Enough” = No ‘Gap-Filler’ Required
What you secretly believe you’re going to have to compromise or lose when you get into a relationship is pushing away the right man.

Here we’ll clear the protective walls you’ve created around yourself and turn your light on, so your Ideal Partner can see you.  

Learn how to: Uncover your Hidden Love Fears, Why holding onto the past is re-creating the very same outcomes AND How understanding your ‘Patterns’ from previous relationships is key to changing them.

Step 7: Unlock YOUR Inner Goddess = Celebrate & Magnify Your Femininity AND Unveil – Your RAW Softness 
Let’s bring the whole thing together by Unlocking Your Inner Goddess -- She’s the one you’ve been keeping hidden and small. The one you didn’t think was good enough, pretty enough or thin enough. 

Learn how to: Rebalance your Feminine and Masculine energy, Why vulnerability is your strength and how to embrace it, How you’re secretly repressing your natural feminine energy which complements a man’s masculine energy AND How you’re repelling men unknowingly and putting yourself in the friend zone.
Here's What You'll Get...
The Complete Soul-Mate Attraction Formula Video Series 
(Valued at $349)
(1.5 hours of video training with bonus steps + full length versions of the 7 Steps) - Be guided on your journey to Love from the comfort of your own couch.
Soul-Mate Magnetism Workbook
(Valued at $247)
30 Page Step by Step Instruction Guide to IMPLEMENT The Soul-Mate Attraction Formula.
Lifetime Access to our Private Facebook Group
(Valued at $299)
Receive support from myself and the Community. Whenever you have questions, wins to share or dating dilemmas, the private Facebook group is a safe place for you to seek help. 

One of the most powerful parts of this program is that you have a Sisterhood of like minded women to walk beside you on your journey to Love.
PLUS: An Added Bonus For You Too...
Manifestation e-Course
(Valued at $349)
How To Get Anything You Want (usually only for my Private Clients) - This 8 Week e-Course will give you ALL my best tools for manifesting everything from that job promotion to the ideal relationship. It includes 3 hours of video training PLUS step by step instructions to make progress FAST.
TOTAL VALUE = Over $1200
But You Won't Pay Anywhere Near That
Meet Sarah
I’ve helped women all over Australia turn their love lives around and I know this 110% for certain...your Hidden Relationship Patterns are the #1 Key to unlocking Soul-Mate Magnetism & enjoying the Relationship Of Your DREAMS!

I’ve travelled the same Slippery Slope of Suitor-Seeking as you. Experienced the same Self-doubt, and Fear. I’ve Ridden the same Rollercoaster - believing I was not good enough.

However… this all changed when I uncovered some incredible secrets. I put them into practice and Do You Know?! – THEY WORKED! Not just once, but over - and - over again! 

I’ve compiled these into a system which I now teach, helping other women who are ‘stuck’ – just like I was.
Are You Ready To Find The Soul-Mate That Stirs You?
  • The Complete Soul-Mate Attraction Formula Video Series (1.5 hours of video training with bonus steps + unseen footage of the full length versions of the 7 Steps)
  • Soul-Mate Magnetism Workbook - 30 Page Step By Step Implementation Guide 
  • Lifetime Support - Private Facebook Group - get your personal questions answered by me anytime!
  • BONUS - 8 Week Manifestation e-Course
    How To Get Anything You Want (usually only for my Private Clients) - includes 3 hours of video training PLUS step by step instructions to get you results FAST.
Have questions? Email us at info@livingabravelife.com

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